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Referral program for Google One


Google One is a subscription service to get more out of Google. It includes expanded storage across Google Photos, Drive, and Gmail, plus, other member benefits depending on the tier.


“People are 4x more likely to buy when referred by a friend.” (Nielsen, 2015) Referrals are a strong growth mechanism that leverages social connections and trust for high conversion rates and reach.


Jonathan Shariat - Senior Interaction Designer

Kimberly Kim - UX Writer II

Jyothri Kurapati - Software Engineer

June 1, 2022: Design kick-off

June 9, 2022: Directional approval & legal review

June 16, 2022: Final UX Design & Content sign-off

Shameless Self Plug :)

"Kudos to Kim for ramping up so quickly, for being an amazing partner to work with, and contributing already to Google One's growth!"

- Jonathan Shariat

Senior Interaction Designer @ all UX team meeting

  1. Matching a primarily marketing campaign to Google's voice.

  2. User research consistently showed that users don’t know about Google One or even that they have Google One, so in a limited space we need to communicate what Google One is + it’s value, Google Play Credit + it’s value, and the way to refer a friend.

  3. Strict legal requirements about communicating rewards.

  4. Continuous changes with a new PM and business analytics.

Addressing Challenge #1

What does Google One sound like?

"I want the website to communicate who ACCESS is & what we do. I want it to capture people's eyes and hearts."

Pasang Drolma, Executive Director


"I would just like updated information. No one knows how to update the website here. It just feels cluttered even though things are sectioned off."

Annie Tran, Program Director


"The website just feels outdated. These photos are from like 5-6 years ago."

Erika Mei, Long-Term Volunteer

b. What do other nonprofit websites do? Why?

I researched best practices & conducted a competitive analysis, collecting all the data into post-its on Miro.

I also interviewed a web designer with 10 years experience in designing for nonprofits who summed up all my research nicely:

Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 4.10.24 PM.png

"Engage first the heart, then the head, then the hands."

-Elijah, experienced nonprofit designer


Establish the Brand

Research that Leads to Easier Brand Creation


Because my research process was fairly thorough (hooray), the brand guidelines went from a Google doc draft to the final pdf with only a few minor changes. 

Establish Brand
Content Audit
Write, Test, Iterate

Write, Test, Iterate

1. Engage the heart

After creating user personas, task flows, & user flows (see UX case study), I hosted a collaborative ideation session with the stakeholders for the tagline.


I shared some quotes from the usability tests to help them understand the current content problems, then showed them some good examples to strive for, discussing reasons why.

After reviewing the brand guidelines, I encouraged them to come up with as many ideas as possible to take ownership of the words that meant the most to them & their organization.


Breaking barriers.
Building relationships.

2. Engage the head

In an easy-to-digest way. No walls of text, no big words, but big on impact, using the communication principles. 

Also, this section needed to be easy for stakeholders to update, so I used Canva.


I tested the stats draft on 4 people because communication is always about the person on the receiving end. The stats section went through 4 iterations. Here is the final:

ACCESS Stats edited 6-3-21.png

3. Engaging the hands:

See the donation form design in my UX Design case study.



Photography with Purpose

Showing ACCESS' mission in action.


It was a privilege to spend two days photographing ACCESS in action. I hoped these images would better capture & communicate who ACCESS is and the value they bring to their neighborhood.

After-School Care for

Families in Need

Creating Community through Art & Fitness Classes

Site Launch!
Translation & Lift-Off

Thanks to WIX's handy-dandy language option, Google Translate did most of the translating work, making it easy for the Executive Director to do final translation edits. Wrap-up went quickly & the site was launched on June 18, 2021. 

Results & Next Step

The Results (ICYMI)


less emails asking if ACCESS is a Chinese language school, saving directors time & effort


increase in PayPal donations


Staff & board members feel that the new site is a significant improvement in communicating ACCESS' value, vision, & impact.

The Next Steps

Social Marketing

In order to truly grow in a business sense, I encouraged a social marketing campaign & increase in social content creation. Since I couldn't do it myself due to limited time, I created a position for a marketing volunteer position, & hope to volunteer myself when my schedule opens up.

Check out my next case study:

Frame 1 (1).png

How I created the Product Voice for a startup working towards a more equitable future.

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