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Thanks for stopping by!

A little about me - 

My wiggly journey into design:

​Director of Study Abroad Programs  

+ M.A. Intercultural/ Diversity Studies

Helped students have meaningful experiences as they learned their target language & culture. Got the Master's degree to help me design better cross-cultural experiences.

​Marketing Events Management at a startup (Formlabs).

Designed delightful events not just to sell a product, but also to create memories & build community.

Designed creative educational content, teaching users how to use the technology.

Decided to pursue Writing full time because I love shaping an experience through just words.

  • Applied & accepted to 3 GrubStreet's Masterclasses to learn how to write short stories, essays, & the novel.

  • Had lots of random part-time jobs while writing (Instacart shopper, Admin Assistant, tutor) to pay for my classes. Freelance copy, editing, & UX writing projects on the side.

  • Finished 5 books & 4 short stories. Currently submitting to agents. (Publishing is a long process.)

Realized that I wanted to design even more experiences & push my creativity. 

Took UX Design Bootcamp & fell in love with design thinking. 

Did some freelance UX Design & UX Writing projects for Inclusive, Access, and various other clients.


Scored my current gig as UX Writer II at Google. Woohoo!

How I can help you

General UX Design -  From user research to usability testing, including implementation on select platforms if there’s no developer.


Content Strategy -  Planning, structuring, and creating content (multimedia) to meet business needs & user needs.  

Brand Messaging & Positioning - What to say, how to say it, and why people should care.

UX Writing - Clear, concise, & helpful language that matches the product's voice, meets business needs, & improves the user experience. Creating a product voice if one doesn't exist.

Technical Writing & Content Creation - Simplifying complex information into whatever form is most helpful for the audience (from articles to video content).

Editing - Keeping what's necessary, tossing what's not. Making stories better, from developmental editing to getting down into the small details.

What's it like to work with me?

Co-workers have described me as, "Somehow, both super chill & super passionate."

I think it's because I take work seriously, but not myself. I like to keep things fun, personal, & efficient.

I appreciate puns, gifs, and dancing emojis so please prepare yourself to receive those.

My life-long pursuit is to grow in compassion for the people around me, so I will try to go the extra step & get to know you. If this isn't for you, just let me know. Communication is everything.

When not designing, I'm probably still making something or learning to make something.

You can find me working on my fantasy novels, learning a song, practicing photography, or at a K-Pop dance class. 

Hobbies: Staying Curious

     Is your full name really Kim Kim?

     It's Kimberly Bobae Kim, but most people call me:

  • Kim Kim

  • K-Squared

  • K2 - like the mountain

  • Bobae - my Korean name

     Never Kimmy because it's triggering for unknown reasons, so please choose any of the options above or feel free to get creative. I've also been called Kimberton and my name has been sung to the Mary Poppins chimney song, dancing included. It's a privilege.

     Is there anything you don't like making?

     Food. You'll probably find me biking around town (on my pink bike) in search of a meal. But if you make me food, it's basically a declaration of your affection for me, & I will whole-heartedly receive it & be forever grateful.

Questions? Just want to chat? Please reach out! :)

Thanks for contacting me!

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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