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hello, thanks for stopping by :)

My journey into design:

​Director of Study Abroad Programs  

+ M.A. Intercultural/ Diversity Studies

Helped students have meaningful experiences as they learned their target language & culture. Got the Master's degree to help me design better cross-cultural experiences.

​Marketing Program Manager @ startup (Formlabs)

Designed delightful events not just to sell a product, but also to create memories & build community. Wrote creative educational content & marketing material.

When not designing content, you can find me: 

  • exploring new places with my pup

  • listening to K-pop or watching K-dramas

  • or writing fantasy novels for teens

Realized that I wanted to design even more experiences & push my creativity. 

Took UX Design Bootcamp, fell in love with design thinking, expanded my freelance offerings with UX Design & UX Writing

Got some cool gigs with startups & non-profits, then scored a UX Writing job at Google. Woohoo!

"Kim is one of the best full-stack writers I've ever worked with. She's got a deep design background, which is constantly coming in handy for UX writing, but also has a very finely-tuned ear for naturalistic language, and a keen ability to tease out the technical nuances of the features and flows she's supporting.


But perhaps best of all, Kim has an easygoing, personable, gently humorous approach to the work that makes collaborating with her a joy."

- Lead UX Writer, Google Photos

What's it like to work with me?

"Kim is a thoughtful and lightning fast collaborator. Within a week of onboarding to Photos, she already had all of our initial strings ready in time for a UX Research study.

She ensured a highly collaborative process and set up several sessions to understand and discuss the context, purpose, and implications of various ideas." 

- UX Design Lead, Google Photos x Pixel

Outside of work:

Always pursued writing on the side because I love shaping an experience through just words.

  • Accepted to 3 GrubStreet's Masterclass programs to learn how to write short stories, essays, & the novel.

  • Started freelance writing & editing on the side.

  • Finished 5 books & 4 short stories. Currently submitting to agents. 

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