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Google Photos Creative Tools

As the Lead UX Writer for the Creative Expressions team in Google Photos, I got to help design the new Create menu, as well as, many of the new features offered in the menu.

My projects:

  • New creation menu

  • Collage

  • Highlight video

  • Cinematic photo

  • Magic Editor (coming soon)

2023 portfolio things (4).png

New feature:

Highlight video


Introduce a brand new way to make videos in Google Photos while juggling numerous internal stakeholders.


After usability testing, we found that jumping straight into the Search page was overwhelming for most users, so we added user edu/ onboarding, then simplified the UI as much as possible, and drove alignment through rationale documentation & in-person usability testing.

I always document content rationale and string options for large projects, but this one was especially important as there were lots of stakeholders who had a say in this design and important for them to see all the options written out.

Designing helpfulness at every step of the journey through tooltips, help text, and toasts.

New feature:

Cinematic photo


There were no guidelines for how we used the name of the feature, so there was a lot of inconsistency across the experience.


I created guidelines that were used by engineers, marketing, and PM's, which resulted in improved clarity and consistency.

All Projects

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